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Ways To Prevent A DUI

Ways To Prevent A DUI

The easiest and most obvious way to avoid DUI charges is to not drink and drive. A designated driver is another great option. Before you or your friends imbibe any drinks, choose a designated driver and an agreed time to leave so that no one is left to get home on their own. Within your group of friends, take turns volunteering to be the designated driver.

Alternatives To Driving While Intoxicated

If you have any alcohol to drink, know that your reaction time is slowed and that you are putting yourself and others at risk if you then get behind the wheel of a car. If you have any doubt about your capacity to drive, a taxi assures you of reaching your destination safely.

If you are the host or hostess of a party, it is a good idea to have everyone turn over their keys before the drinking begins to a responsible person who intends to remain sober throughout the party. That person can hand back keys to drivers who have clearly not been drinking. This reduces the chance that the person holding the party will be charged with serving alcohol to an intoxicated person.

Keeping The Roads Safe For Others

If a person wants their keys returned and is too intoxicated too drive, you can let them think they have lost their keys and offer to get them a cab to their home or find a sober driver to take them home.

Never get into a car with a person who has been drinking. Call a cab, call a friend or family member, or stay where you are.

If you are driving and see an erratic driver, call 911 and give the location of the driver. You are not only saving the driver from a possible accident, you may be saving the life of the person that driver hits.

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